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Chronic Urticaria?

Creat de richardwalter, Februarie 06, 2017, 04:55:12 p.m.

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I've been back to the Drs today who has told me she suspects I have Chronic Urticaria. She's given me another prescription for a different antihistamine. If this works, I'm not being referred for allergy tests. If it doesn't work, she'll refer me.

But how long can you take antihistamine for? And does Chronic mean I'll always have it so I'd better just get used to it?

Did the Doctor tell you what had triggered the chronic urticaria? I have chronic urticaria / angioedema / anaphylaxis to a change in temperature (cold mainly), wheat and exercise combined, possibly hormones and stress. I was initially prescribed one antihistamine tablet per day, but this has now been upped to two per day, and extra if required. Basically if things are going wrong, then do not be worried about taking them. I also have 2 x epi-pens to carry, which I used for the first time 2 weeks ago when I started to shock. That day I had taken anithistamine tablet, then liquid, then was injected with piriton on my arrival at hospital followed by steroids.

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