The Hybrid Race

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The Hybrid Race
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The Hybrid Race
I have been trying to make this myself, however when ever I try to make a mod using either Dawnguard or Dragonborn dlc's, my Creation Kit crashes, so I am going to request any fellow modder reading this, to try and make a Werewolf\Vampire Hybrid.
I had an Idea of simply just merging the Vampire Lord and Werewolf Lord, Skeletons together, and add all of the Strengths of both races and none of their weaknesses into one race.
I thought that, as Dragonborn your blood is unique, so when you you get one of the Lord abilities and then you get the other, instead of it replacing the other, it replaces both with a new unique one, called the Hybrid, which as I said has the merged skeletons of a Vampire Lord and Werewolf Lord, and they have all the strengths of both races and none of their weaknesses.

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